Once aboard The Movesmith, all candidates will be promptly enrolled as a trainee in our proprietary Certified Movesmith (CMS) program. During this year long curriculum candidates will be exposed to a wide array of topics designed to develop their knowledge and build their skill set within the moving industry.  Concepts will conveyed through both classroom and infield training as well as self study.  Only those able to successfully apply their learnings through consistent demonstration will advance with the ultimate goal of achieving CMS status.

CMS certification includes the mastery of each of 3 levels of training, each designed to build upon the previous.  All candidates, regardless of prior experience, will begin their studies at the Fundamental level.  This is necessary to ensure you understand the best practices of The Movesmith.  Those who excel can expect to achieve the next level of certification faster than their peers.  Like anything worthwhile in life, it will take a great deal of effort and determination to succeed.  However rest assured your hard work will pay off immediately as successful completion of each level comes with an increase in compensation.  Plus you’ll apply many of the concepts learned here throughout your lifetime.  We guarantee it! ​

CMS Curriculum in Brief 
  1. FUNDAMENTALS (~2 months) training includes the basic elements of what it takes to be a GOOD MOVER  Here you’ll be expected to acquire basic customer service skills, effectively apply property and furniture protection and develop effective lifting techniques.
  2. INTERMEDIATE (~4 months) training builds upon the elements of FUNDAMENTALS training plus leverages additional learnings in order to become a BETTER MOVER, BASIC PACKER and DRIVER IN TRAINING.  You’ll be exposed to the basics of tier building, packing and safe operation of a fleet vehicle.
  3. ADVANCED (~6 months) training builds upon the elements of INTERMEDIATE training plus leverages additional learnings in order to become the BEST MOVER, ADVANCED PACKER, DRIVER, and CREW LEADER and SALES PERSON IN TRAINING.  Here you’ll be expected to build sound tiers, pack fragile and complex items, safely drive a fleet vehicle, be a point of contact for the customer and begin to lead crews.  You’ll also be exposed to surveys and estimating procedures amongst other things.